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Research Directions
The first priority of research and development of bioscience and biotechnology is to integrate the multi-discipline research in 21st century. It aims to integrate nontraditional biotechnology and talents in its efforts to break through old thinking so as to bring the research and development of biotechnology into a new status. The center supports inter-discipline research projects. And it has always supported on a longtime basis research efforts made by researchers on and off the campus. As part of its support, the center has established its core laboratories. Meanwhile, our university is cooperating with National Sun Yat-Sen University based on the “Biomedical Research Center” grant in two major research directions. The contents are indicated below:

Core Laboratories
The core laboratories of the center are furnished with the following equipment: The core laboratories of the center are presently available for teachers and students at National Cheng Kung University and National Sun Yat-Sen University. They are also open for service to various schools and the industrial sector. The information and availability of the facilities can be found on the website of the center. Researchers in the discipline of biotechnology are welcome to use the laboratories.

Biotechnology Education Program
Purpose of the Program
The purpose of the program is to have students acquire basic knowledge of biotechnology in order to engage in research and development of biotechnology. The program offers curriculums of two categories: one for non-biology-major students and the other for biology-major students. The non-biology category of the program contains introductory courses on biotechnology for students who major in non-biology disciplines (Colleges of Science, Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). This category is currently in its planning stage. The biology category of the program consists of specialized courses on biotechnology for students who major in biology-related disciplines. With its emphasis on the importance of experiments, this category is undertaken in compliance with the university projects for the improvement on biotechnology commissioned by the advisory office of the Ministry of Education. It allows students not only to increase their professional knowledge but also to take required and relevant experimental courses on biotechnology, resulting in a balanced education of theories and experiments.