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1. Education Section: An information desk is setup to be in charge of the operation of a biotechnology cyber network. This section is responsible for the planning of
    an intercollegiate biotechnology education program at the university, the implementation of the MOE-assigned biotechnological research projects, and the
    cultivation of biotechnology talents.
2. Research Section: It consists of various core laboratories to establish key biotechnology and infrastructures available for all NCKU students, to integrate and
    support relevant studies among colleges and departments at the university, and to facilitate the operation of the NCKU-NSYSU Biotechnology Center.
3. Planning Section: It serves to organize lectures concerning biotechnology, to promote cooperation between the University and relevant biotechnology institutions
    in Taiwan and abroad, and to carry out projects and assignments from the sectors of business, government,academy and research. The center also has an
    advisory committee. The President of the University serves as the Committee Director to employ relevant scholars and experts from nationwide research
    institutes as committee members. The committee provides suggestions on the operation and development of the center.