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Establishing A Green Circular Economy Demo System

Integrating Microalgae Cultivation and Waste Reduction with Bioenergy Production

Person in Charge:Chun-Yen Chen

Our team has used flue-gas and wastewater to cultivate microalgae for the simultaneous removal of CO2 and pollutants from flue-gas and wastewater. The obtained microalgal biomass with a high content of functional components can be further utilized to produce feed supplements or fertilizers. The biomass residues containing high heat value could be converted via the torrefaction process into charcoal as a solid fuel or to biochar with multiple applications.


Microalgae in Aquaculture Applications

Our team also develops antibiotic-free, high-nutrition and high-efficiency shrimp cultivation technology, in which microalgae play a pivotal role. Specific microalgae species combined with appropriate types of probiotics were used as feed supplements in different stages of shrimp growth to enhance its survival rate and produce it with high efficiency as well as high content of functional components (such as antioxidants, pigments, or DHA/EPA) without the addition of any antibiotics or drugs.


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